Contact the Revenue Department


For questions about which taxes apply to your business: (215) 686-6600

For current taxpayers that have specific tax questions or require payment arrangements:

  • Business Tax, Wage Tax, Earnings Tax and Use & Occupancy Tax: (215) 686-6600
  • School Income Tax and Liquor Tax: (215) 686-6600
  • Real Estate Tax: (215) 686-6442

For questions about overpayment of tax (Refund Unit): (215) 686-6574 or 6575



Municipal Services Building
1401 J.F.K. Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Taxpayer Services is located on the Public Services Concourse
Compliance is located on the 4th Floor
8:30 am to 5:00 pm - Monday through Friday

Satellite Offices
The two neighborhood Municipal Services Centers listed below accept non cash payments for Real Estate Taxes, Business Taxes and Water/Sewer bills. Other city services are also offered on a limited scale.

North Philadelphia Municipal Services Center
Hope Plaza
2761 N. 22nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19132
Phone: (215) 685-9735
Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm 

Northeast Municipal Services Center
9239 Roosevelt Boulevard, rear
Philadelphia, PA 19114
Phone: (215) 685-0480
Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm 

Other Contacts Related to Revenue

Board of Revision of Taxes
The Board of Revision of Taxes determines real property values, which are the basis for property taxes in the City of Philadelphia. It consists of a seven-member panel that is appointed by the Judges of the first Judicial District of Pennsylvania. This panel also hears all appeals of property valuations filed by City property owners.

Customer Information - (215) 686-4334

The Curtis Center
601 Walnut Street - 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19106
8:30 am to 5:00 pm - Monday through Friday

Water Revenue Bureau
The Water Revenue Bureau (WRB) bills and collects water/sewer charges and fees from customers of the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD).  If you have questions about your water bill you should contact WRB and not PWD.

Customer Information - (215) 686-6880
Phone-In Meter Reading - (215) 686-2100
Problems with Your Meter - (215) 685-6300
Water & Sewer Emergencies - (215) 685-6300

Municipal Services Building

1401 J.F.K. Boulevard 
Public Services Concourse
Philadelphia, PA 19102
8:30 am to 5:00 pm - Monday through Friday
Tax Review Board
The Tax Review Board adjudicates taxpayer appeals from all City assessments or bills with the exception of real estate tax assessments and real estate tax principal. All reviews begin with the filing of a petition by a taxpayer seeking review of a tax assessment, waiver of interest and penalty, or review of a denial of a refund.

Customer Information - (215) 686-5216

The Land Title Building
100 South Broad Street - Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19110
8:30 am to 5:00 pm - Monday through Friday