Find a City-Owned Property

Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (PRA)

The PRA has over 3,300 properties available for sale, located throughout Philadelphia. Their neighborhood-based property inventory includes both vacant lots and vacant structures, with a range of zoning classifications and allowable uses. Many of the structures are attached, row-style houses in need of significant rehabilitation. PRA properties are sold at fair market value, as established by an independent appraisal.

Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC)

PIDC offers for sale or lease large industrial and commercial sites and buildings in strategic locations throughout Philadelphia. PIDC's inventory includes a variety of industrial parks and the 1200 acre The Navy Yard development.

Philadelphia County Sheriff

The Sheriff's Office conducts periodic sales for delinquent taxes and delinquent mortgages or liens.


  • Board of Revision of Taxes

    Research real estate ownership and property tax information.

  • CityMaps

    The City maintains complete land-based map resources. Map a parcel's current zoning, obtain deed and mortgage records, view an aerial photograph, or map nearby facilities or service areas including police districts, hospitals or City Council districts.