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Workforce Skills Training

Now that you have a business, you need reliable employees to support your growth and ease your workload. Take advantage of these resources that can help you recruit, train, and retain good workers.

Skills Training for New Hires and Current Employees

Through Philadelphia's one-stop career system, PA CareerLink [http://www.pwdc.org/pacareerlink/index.html] many businesses can access funding to train prospective employees and/or to upgrade the skills of current employees – all at no cost to the employer. In an ever-changing technological and regulatory climate, keeping your workers up-to-date with their job skills is essential.

Training for Prospective and Newly Hired Employees

  • Customized Job Training
    Members of Philadelphia's PA CareerLink Business Services Team can work with you to customize training programs to fit your company's needs. Your business may be eligible for direct funding to train prospective employees. For more information on customized job training policies, procedures, and employer responsibility, visit PWDC.
  • On-The-Job Training (OJT)
    Similar to customized training, Business Service Team staff will work with your company to build plans to train newly hired workers to meet the specific needs of your organization, while paying a portion of wages during training.

Skills Upgrading Training for Current Employees

  • Industry Partnership Program
    Your business may benefit from the Industry Partnership Program, which is designed to bring together employers, workforce and economic development, organized labor, and education and to address common or overlapping human capital needs. For more information, contact Angelica Haines, Senior Associate, Philadelphia Workforce Investment Board at (215) 717-2019 or visit PWIB.
  • For information on other skills upgrading training programs for current employees contact the PA CareerLink Business Services Team at (215) 557-2665.

Other Value-Added Service to Enhance the Skills of Your Workers

Staff Development/Supervisory Training Building the skills of your management team is essential to building a strong workforce. The local PA CareerLink system offers a comprehensive supervisory training program geared toward improving employee retention through skilled management practices.

Literacy, Language, and Computer Skills in the Workplace Through partnerships with local organizations, employees can receive customized workforce literacy services to enhance the skill level and efficiency of the company's workforce. These services can focus on areas such as customer service, conflict resolution, workplace documentation, technical or applied mathematics, interpersonal communication, computers and technology, English as a Second Language (ESL), and more. For additional information, please contact Diane Inverso at the Mayor's Commission on Literacy at (215) 686-5253.

Transportation Assistance Transportation can sometimes be a barrier to employment. PA CareerLink Business Services Team works closely with several organizations in the region to make the commute to work more manageable.

Immigration Regulation Information and Assistance PA CareerLink Business Services Team, through its partnership with the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians, can help guide businesses through immigration regulations and procedures, particularly as they relate to employment.

Tax Credits Your business may also be eligible for certain tax incentives associated with employees in designated categories.

Renewal Community Credit (RC) and Federal Empowerment Zone (EZ)
If your work location is in a Renewal Community (RC) and your employee lives in any RC, you may be eligible for up to $1,500 per eligible employee per year.
If your work location is in a Federal Empowerment Zone (EZ) and your employee lives in any EZ, you may be eligible for up to $3,000 per eligible employee per year.
For more information please contact Jim Flaherty in the Philadelphia Department of Commerce at 215/683-2126.

Tax Credits & Incentives

For personalized attention or to learn more about the services outlined above, contact the PA CareerLink Business Services Team at (215) 557-2665.

Connection to Future Workers: WorkReady Philadelphia

Young people bring fresh ideas, energy, and enthusiasm to the job, and can significantly contribute to your day-to-day operations. Consider hiring an intern to support your work environment. High school students can be easily trained to do many tasks and functions that will ease your employees' workloads. There are even some projects that they are uniquely suited for (think market research into teen trends or monitoring your company's presence on Web 2.0 sites like Facebook and Twitter.)

The Philadelphia Youth Network, as managing partner for WorkReady programs, can handle payroll and insurance as well as provide pre-internship training and ongoing support.

First determine if a high school student can easily be trained to do the work you need done. Also consider what experience you want the student to have (don't just bring them in to do your grunt work). Make sure that you, or someone on your staff, will be able to dedicate the time required to sufficiently train them and help them derive as much benefit as possible from the experience.

To learn more about this program and how to participate, visit Work Ready Philadelphia.