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Capital Consortium provides access to lenders through one-step application process

Established through non-profit and for-profit partnerships, Commerce is excited to announce the Capital Consortium, a new resource for small businesses to obtain access to capital. Consortium members provide loans and technical assistance to small businesses in order to help them start and grow. Participating organizations in the Capital Consortium include Citizens Bank, Kiva, Liquid Capital, Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, and many more.

The application process consists of a Business Information Form that outlines the business’s capital needs. The form is sent to Commerce, and then forwarded to Consortium members. If a Consortium member wants to work with the business, then the business is contacted directly within ten business days.

The Business Information Form allows small business owners to reach out to multiple lenders at once using a single document.  Businesses only hear from interested lenders.

Learn More and Apply.

Please note, the Business Information Form is not a loan or grant application and there is no guarantee of approval from any of the members. 

For more information about the Capital Consortium and the Business Information Form, please contact Jonathan Snyder at loan.info@phila.gov.