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Licensing and permit requirements differ by business type.  Here you can search for the license or permit you need, or access helpful guides applicable to all businesses as well as your specific business type. You can also find information on State and Federal regulations, incentives and city taxes.

Applicable to All Businesses


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Business Tax Basics

All businesses must register for a Business Tax Account number from the Department of Revenue and obtain a Commercial Activity License from the Department of Licenses and Inspections. The same application is used for both items and can be found here. Before registering for a tax account number, you should also determine which taxes affect…

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City, State, and Federal Loan Programs

Research on available business loans from city, state, and federal agencies.

Connect with Local Business Organizations

The City of Philadelphia supports a number of programs and organizations to expand economic development. They provide small business loans and other financial assistance, general business support services, and support for commercial corridors.   Small Business Loans Beech Interplex, Inc. Entrepreneur Works Finanta North Philadelphia Financial Partnership PIDC The Merchants Fund West Philadelphia Financial Services…

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Credits, Grants & Other Incentives

Tax credits, grants and incentive programs could also add cash to the bottom line, and unlike loans, they don’t require repayment.


ABOUT THE MAP The below is an interactive map comprised of organizations throughout Philadelphia whom can assist businesses of all sizes with their hiring and workforce needs. The organizations included in this map can help with everything from hiring individuals with specialized skills, creating customized training programs for current employees, providing wage subsidies for new employees, or opportunities…

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Obtain a Business Income and Receipts Tax ID

Every individual, partnership, association and corporation doing business in Philadelphia must file a Business Income and Receipts Tax Return in whether or not they earned a profit during the preceding year. Rental activities are usually considered business activities.

Obtain an Activity License

An Activity License is required for all businesses and non-profits operating in Philadelphia. This includes businesses that are located outside the city limits but do some or all of their business activity in the City.

Obtain Federal Tax ID Number

Your Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number issued by the IRS to identify your business and the type of tax returns you file.

Overview of Business Income and Receipts Tax

The Business Income & Receipts Tax (BIRT) is based on both gross receipts and net income. Both parts must be filed. This is a completely separate tax from the Net Profits Tax.

Philadelphia Business Regulations

This website tool is intended to assist business owners start and run successful businesses in the City of Philadelphia. Most of the information you will need to comply with and understand business-related regulation in the City can be found right here. There are also sections related to business support services in the region.

Registering Your Business Name

If you are doing business with a name that is not your own, for example “Jane’s Gift Shop”, you must register the name with the state. The state of Pennsylvania does not require registration if you are operating the business under your own legal name. So, if you are John Doe and you’re opening the…

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Tax Types

Get all the information on the various taxes that can apply to businesses in Philadelphia.

What is Jump Start Philly?

Jump Start Philly is designed to attract new businesses and entrepreneurs that create jobs to Philadelphia by exempting them from paying the Business Income and Receipts Tax, formerly the Business Privilege Tax, during the first two years of operations.

Zoning and Use

The Philadelphia Zoning Code regulates development within the city. Zoning regulations govern land use, the height and size of buildings, population density, parking requirements, signage placement and the character of development on private property, and property uses.