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4 social media marketing tips for your small business

Philadelphia small businesses have the opportunity to connect with a strong online community through social media–a low-cost, extremely effective marketing tool when used efficiently. To make the most of your social media accounts, keep the following tips in mind:

Stay current

Social media is all about contributing to a larger conversation. Do your best to stay on top of current events to create more relevant, timely social media content.

For example, Philadelphia is the host city for the Democratic National Convention this week–the perfect opportunity for local businesses to market themselves accordingly. #DNCDeals is the trending tag used to advertise special offers from small businesses during the event.

Another example is the recent trend of celebrating “national days”. If you own an ice cream shop, and its #NationalIceCreamDay, your social media accounts should reflect the current buzz about your product. Use social media to reign in the trend and offer timely specials to boost business.

Quality over quantity

Rather than struggling to manage five different social media accounts, try and pinpoint two or three that your customers use most frequently, or that make the most sense in relation to your business.

For example, it’s logical for a tattoo parlor to manage an Instagram account to flaunt their latest designs. If you own a business without a website, set up a Facebook page–instead of an Instagram or Twitter–to inform potential patrons about the basics of your business. A food truck may deem Pinterest unnecessary, but utilize Twitter daily to notify patrons of their current location.

Be consistent

Do your best to post regular content- whether it’s a couple times a week, or a couple times a day. Consistency allows you to better measure the effectiveness of your posts. Experiment with posting at different times of the day- you may find that social media interactions are time-sensitive.

Again, try to determine the habits of your customers. Do your patrons generally work 9-5, or are they freelance creatives? Do they take a lunch break, or wake at the crack of dawn to hit the gym? All of these factors are important to keep in mind when determining the best time to post to social media accounts.

Connect with others

Follow other local businesses on social media, and interact with them. Investigate their followers to identify other notable accounts and businesses to follow. Contribute to the Philadelphia small business community on social media by commenting on other businesses’ posts and re-posting their content.

For example, if your restaurant offers specials during Center City Sips, follow @CCDSips on Twitter and interact with the account. Being an interactive follower has its perks—don’t underestimate the power of social media as part of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Ultimately, social is an opportunity to give your business a personality—have fun with it! Whether you use social to showcase your business’ culture, humble brag about recent achievements, or contribute to a conversation, remember to keep these key tips in mind.