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7 Ways You Can Help Philadelphia While Helping Your Business

In his 2017 address to the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Mayor Kenney outlined his vision for the year ahead, noting the need for urgency if our city wants to continue growing its economy and remain competitive on the world stage.

This year, it is no longer enough to row in the same direction, we have to row quickly.

— Mayor Jim Kenney

There are several ways you and your business can work together with the City to help Philadelphia succeed:

  1. Host a summer job. By providing a paid summer job for a young person, you’re increasing your company’s capacity while also strengthening our City’s future workforce. In comparison to other cities, many of Philadelphia’s applicants lack the necessary hard and soft skills to succeed. The summer months also see spikes of violent crime, and summer jobs help keep our young people safe and off the streets.  To find out how you can get involved with the WorkReady Philadelphia summer jobs campaign, contact the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) at info@pyninc.org.
  1. Hire a Philadelphia citizen returning from incarceration. Philadelphians who find themselves incarcerated face an uphill battle when they are released, including the challenge of securing a job. These individuals deserve a second chance. Learn more about the Philadelphia Re-Entry Program (PREP) Tax Credit.
  1. Connect with Community Schools. Community schools strategic plans will be released soon, identifying specific needs for each of the City’s nine community schools. You can reach out to a local community school to find out how your business can strengthen them through corporate volunteerism, program sponsorship, or other in-kind support. Join the Mayor’s Office of Education mailing list for future updates.
  1. Make a donation to the Philadelphia Police Foundation. The Foundation is currently fundraising for a recruitment campaign that will help fill the Philadelphia Police Department’s vacant positions. Making our city safer is a benefit to all, including the business community. To learn more about the Philadelphia Police Foundation and make a donation, visit PhillyPoliceFoundation.org.
  1. Contribute to the Business Owners’ Bill of Rights. This year, we created a Small Business Advisory Council that includes representatives from multiple City departments. They are developing a Business Owners’ Bill of Rights. You can share your thoughts on what belongs in this document by emailing business@phila.gov.
  1. Develop a relationship with your Council Member. Regular communication with your Council Member will help ensure that you’re aware of, and involved with, legislation from the earliest stages. Let them know what you think. Offer public comment at Council sessions when you support something or have concerns. You can find your City Council Member at phlcouncil.com.
  1. Create a plan to increase diversity and inclusion in your workplace. The City just released its first ever report examining the diversity of our own workforce, so that we can also develop a plan to ensure the City workforce reflects the City of Philadelphia. You can review our report and use that as a template for starting your own plan.