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RFP: Developing a Unified Brand Identity for Greater Philadelphia


There is an urgent need for a unified global identity and accompanying brand that represents the Philadelphia region of today. Greater Philadelphia needs a common message to further rally key stakeholders and engage the entire region behind a unified brand identity that can be utilized locally, domestically and globally. The development of a brand identity will help facilitate the improvement of the world’s perception of Greater Philadelphia; attract and retain talent, business, capital, students and investment in the region at large; continue to grow the tourism, meetings and conventions business; and to help drive growth through the continued revival of the region.

This is a high-profile project convened by the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce in partnership with a broad base of regional stakeholders and the oversight of a committed Global Identity Advisory Board. Initial regional stakeholder meetings and focus groups were held in 2017 and served as a basis for this brand identity Request for Proposals.

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A call to answer questions about the Global Identity Project and the RFP for Phase 1 was held on Wednesday, June 13 at 12 p.m. (EDT).

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