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New Construction and Additions Permit

To obtain a Building Permit for new construction or an addition, gather the materials listed below and submit a completed permit application in-person at the Municipal Services Building (MSB) Concourse.

Building Permits

Building permits are required before beginning projects to enlarge, repair, change, add to or demolish a structure, and to install equipment or systems in a structure.

Does the Historical Commission Affect You?

The Philadelphia Historical Commission (PHC) is the regulatory agency responsible for ensuring the preservation of historically significant buildings, structures, sites, objects, interiors and districts in the City of Philadelphia.

Find a City Owned Property

The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority has over 3,300 properties available for sale, located throughout Philadelphia. Their neighborhood-based property inventory includes both vacant lots and vacant structures, with a range of zoning classifications and allowable uses.

Neighborhood Areas – Location & Zoning

Philadelphia is home to many vibrant neighborhood commercial corridors that serve as central places to shop, to work and to meet neighbors. These areas are great places to consider when choosing a location for your business.

Place-Based Incentives

Tax incentives or grant opportunities for businesses located in designated geographic areas.

Minority, Women, Disabled Owned Business Support

The City purchases products and services from hundreds of businesses every year. The City is committed to ensuring that at least 25% of contracts for the City are fulfilled by Minority, Women, or Disabled Owned Enterprises.

What is Economic Inclusion?

"Economic Inclusion" involves the development and implementation of a robust effort to include Minority, Woman, and Disabled owned business enterprises in City Contracts, advancing economic opportunities for these businesses.

Understanding Contracting Opportunities

The City of Philadelphia offers businesses a network of resources and the opportunity to bid and respond to upcoming contracts. These opportunities offer a great way for businesses to continue to grow.

Keystone Opportunity Zones

KOZs are specifically designated areas where property owners and businesses that meet capital investment or new employment targets pay little or no tax through 2013, 2018, and 2025.

Keystone Innovation Zones

KIZs are Commonwealth-designated areas that foster job growth by connecting discoveries in educational institutions to technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

Storefront Improvement Program

This program reimburses owners of commercial buildings and businesses within designated commercial corridors who make storefront improvements.