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Choosing a Vending Location

Choosing Your Vending Location:

Locations throughout the city are designated as prohibited for vending and sidewalk sales. The Philadelphia Code Section 9-205 prohibits vendors to exhibit, display, offer for sale or sell any goods, wares, or merchandise or place or allow any stand to remain on the sidewalks of these streets.  Visit the Vending / Sidewalk Sales in the Map Browser or download the Prohibited Streets list.

Other Special Vending Districts only allow a limited number of vendors and use a waitlist or lottery to add new vendors. The City’s Vending/Sidewalk Sales Map displays the prohibited streets, the prohibited areas, and the Special Vending Districts. The Prohibited Streets List provides the boundaries of these districts.

The Special Vending Districts include the following location and require a special application:

  • Center City – additional vendors are only added through a periodic lottery. Lotteries are announced in city newspapers.
  • University City – additional vendors are only added through an application and waitlist. An additional fee of $2,750.00 per year is required for truck parking in an assigned parking space.
  • Germantown Corridor Business District – From Germantown and York to Germantown and Butler, requires an additional $50.00 application fee.
  • Central Germantown Business District – Area boundaries are the south side of Wissahickon Avenue to the north side of Baynton Street, the east side of W. Queen Lane to the west side of Harvey Street to High Street
  • 52nd Street Business District
  • North Front Street
  • Morris Street
  • Oregon Avenue Business Corridor District\
  • Temple University

License Renewal Online

This license can be renewed online, with a valid email address. Renewals can also be made in the Municipal Services Building – Concourse Level (1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard). In-person renewals will also require an email address.

For more information on the special districts or to confirm whether a location is permissible, please contact the Vending Unit at 215-686-2414, or email operationsvending@phila.gov.