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Developer Services

The City of Philadelphia’s Development Services Program is a resource available through the Office of Planning and
Development to assist developers of major real estate projects in navigating the approval and regulatory process. The
Program brings together representatives from the City’s relevant departments and agencies in the form of a Development Services Committee, which meets with developers to provide coordinated feedback on projects.

The Development Services Program is a voluntary program available to all developers of major real estate projects with
more than 25 residential units or 50,000 sq. ft. of gross floor area, whether new construction or conversions.

See the Developer Services Development Checklist Guide to Permits

Participation in the Development Services Program helps the developer to:
□ Discuss plans with representatives from each agency related to the project
□ Get feedback early in the development process on the necessary regulatory or legal approvals
□ Coordinate or clarify issues that may be regulated by more than one department
□ Establish a schedule for project implementation of approvals, utility service, and public actions.

To learn more about the program or to request a meeting with Development Services, contact:

Development Services
One Parkway Building, 13th Floor
1515 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 683-4652 or developerservices@phila.gov

Meeting Information: The Development Services Committee meets monthly to review major projects. Please
contact the Development Services group for more information or to obtain a meeting request form.