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EZ Permits

Permits that Do Not Require the Submission of Plans

Some permits may be obtained without the submission of plans. Submit a completed permit application in person at the Licenses and Inspections office in the Public Service Concourse at the Municipal Services Building or at your local District Office.

NOTE: Permit applications for properties listed on the Philadelphia Historical Registry always require the submission of plans.

See Building Permits for complete building permit information, including processing time and fees.

Building Permit Application

The following information must be submitted with all permit applications. Permit applications will not be accepted without these documents.

  • Tax Clearance Form from the Revenue Department for the Contractor – These forms may be obtained on line at www.phila.gov/Revenue. Please select “Tax Clearance” on the left side of the web page and select “Permits/Licenses” from the drop-down box and enter your name and SSN or EIN. Once printed, the form is valid for thirty (30) days.
  • A current, valid Certificate of Insurance for the Contractor – The Certificate of Insurance must indicate current coverage for comprehensive general liability, workers compensation and automobile liability. The comprehensive general liability (including products and completed operations) must evidence a minimum limit of liability of $500,000 per occurrence. The Certificate of Insurance must describe the type of operations/work the contractor has coverage for, which must be consistent with the Contractor’s permit application. The certificate must also include a contact name and phone number of the contractor’s insurance broker or agent. The City of Philadelphia must be named Certificate Holder and Additional Insured under the contractor’s comprehensive general liability insurance policy.

Note: It is not acceptable for the additional insured requirement to be conditional upon there being a written contract.

One Family Dwelling Only

One and Two Family Dwellings Only


  • Porch Floor Replacement Replacement of wood joists (same size or larger) or concrete. No permit is required to repair or replace the decking of a porch located at a one- or two-family dwelling. Permit may not be used for a deck.


All Occupancies

    • Exterior Wall Covering Wall covering installed in accordance with Section 1405 of the Philadelphia Building Code. The application of exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) requires the submission of plans. EZ Exterior Wall Coverings
    • Interior Demolition Demolition of interior, non-bearing partitions. Removal of structural members, exit enclosures or other fire separations requires submission of plans. An asbestos inspection report is required where building was constructed prior to 1981 and associated cost of work exceeds $50,000 for all occupancies except a one, two, or three family dwelling. EZ Interior Non-Load Bearing Demolition
    • Re-Roofing Roof covering, the replacement in kind of a maximum of 10% of the existing sheathing and the installation or relocation of gravity venting. EZ Re-Roofing
    • Commercial Window and Door Replacement Replacement of exterior windows and doors in existing wall openings located a minimum of 30’ from any interior lot line or building on same site. A permit is not required for the replacement of an exterior window/ door in an existing wall opening of a one or two family dwelling. EZ Commercial Window and Door Replacement
    • Ductwork Installations EZ Ductwork & Warm Air Appliance Installation Warm Air Equipment. Installation of warm air equipment contained within tenant space with no demising wall or floor penetrations and a maximum capacity of 2,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm). A separate permit is required for ductwork in all occupancies except one and two family dwellings. Ductwork Installation of ductwork contained within tenant space with a maximum area of 2,000 sq. ft., with no demising wall or floor penetrations, and a maximum capacity of associated equipment of 2,000 cfm. Commercial cooking systems require the submission of plans.
    • Retaining Wall Maximum height of 4’, measured from the lowest level of grade. Walls less than 2’ which do not impound Class I, II, or II-A liquids do not require a permit. EZ Retaining Wall
    • Commercial Level I Alterations EZ Level I Alterations Applicants can obtain this license at MSB Concourse ONLY.


  • Relocation of Registers/Diffusers Relocation of registers/diffusers on an existing system with no penetration of fire-resistance rated construction.
RETURNED CHECKS: If your check is returned unpaid for insufficient or uncollected funds, (1) you authorize The City of Philadelphia or its agent to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account to collect a fee of $20; and (2) The City of Philadelphia or its agent may re-present your check electronically to your depository institution for payment.