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Hazardous Materials License

This license is required for the storage, dispensing, use, or handling of hazardous material.

The paper form is provided for new license applicants. Current license holders are encouraged to renew this license online.

Hazardous materials include:

  • Aerosol Products
  • Cellulose Nitrate (Pyroxylin) Plastics
  • Corrosives
  • Compressed Gases
  • Cryogenic Liquids
  • Explosive Materials
  • Flammable And Combustible Liquids
  • Flammable And Combustible Liquid Stationary Tank Storage
  • Flammable Solids
  • Toxic Solids And Liquids
  • Irritants, Sensitizers And Health Hazards
  • Pyrophoric Materials
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Unstable (Reactive) Materials
  • Water-reactive Materials

Prior Approvals:

  • Building must be in compliance with Zoning Code
  • Certificate of Occupancy may be required
  • Building inspection may be required – this is determined after the application is submitted


License Application and Renewal Online

This license can be renewed online, with a valid email address. Renewals can also be made in the Municipal Services Building – Concourse Level (1401 John F. Kennedy Boulevard). In-person renewals will also require an email address.

Payment Information

RETURNED CHECKS: If your check is returned unpaid for insufficient or uncollected funds, (1) you authorize The City of Philadelphia or its agent to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account to collect a fee of $20; and (2) The City of Philadelphia or its agent may re-present your check electronically to your depository institution for payment.