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Immigration Assistance Services Registration

The City of Philadelphia regulates immigration assistance providers (IAS) whom are not:

  1. Licensed attorneys
  2. Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited representatives
  3. Authorized Federal or State employees
  4. Elected officials
  5. City officials

For more information and required forms please visit the Immigration service provider page.

Immigrant assistance providers must register as a business.

Prior Approval:

Additional Requirements:

  1. Review the Immigrant Assistance Services Provider Legal Duties
  2. Registration – Each immigration services provider is required to register ALL immigration services businesses with the Department of Licenses & Inspection annually.  Please send an email to license.issuance@phila.gov with the following information:
    • Immigrant Assistance Provider Registration Form.
    • Acknowledgement Form
    • Surety Bond – at the time of registration, each provider must show proof of a surety bond in the amount of $50,000.
  3. Signage – all providers must display the following signs at the place of business and every location where the provider regularly meets with customers.
    • Disclaimer sign – a 11 inch x 17 inch disclaimer sign in both English and any other language used by the community the provider serves.
    • Fee Sign –  a sign which displays all services and fees.
  4. Brochure – All providers must provide each customer with the City approved brochure which contains all disclosures in both English and any other language used by the community the provider serves.  Brochures may not be modified by the provider in any way.
  5. Documents retention – Providers must keep copies of all documents prepared or obtained for a customer for a period of 3 years after the date of a written contract between the provider and customer, whether or not the contract gets cancelled.  All copies must be kept at the place of business.
  6. Advertising – All business advertisements, signs, pamphlets, newspapers, internet, television, radio or other means, must state the following:
    • “The individual offering to provide assistance to you is NOT an attorney licensed to practice law or a representative accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals.  The individual cannot represent you before any immigration authority or agency and may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.”
    • It is prohibited to represent or advertise, in connection with the provision of assistance in immigration matters, the title of lawyer or attorney at law, or equivalent terms in the English language, or any other language, including, but not limited to, “notary public,” “accredited representatives of the Board of Immigration Appeals” or “immigration consultant,” that could reasonably cause a customer to believe that the person possesses any form of license, accreditation, or official authorization to provide advice on an immigration matter. Provided, however, that a notary public licensed in Pennsylvania may use the term “notary public” if such use is accompanied by the statement that the person is not an attorney.