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Hiring & Workforce Solutions Map


The below is an interactive map comprised of organizations throughout Philadelphia whom can assist businesses of all sizes with their hiring and workforce needs. The organizations included in this map can help with everything from hiring individuals with specialized skills, creating customized training programs for current employees, providing wage subsidies for new employees, or opportunities to engage in the long-term development of the Philadelphia workforce system.

For further detailed requests, please contact TalentDevelopment@phila.gov


Custom Corporate Solutions


  • Customized education and training for existing employees
  • Partnership with outside organization to create curriculum to train talent for hard to fill positions
Hiring Solutions


  • Organizations connecting employers to job seekers
  • Organizations connecting employers to individuals finishing training programs in specific career tracks, including but not limited to hospitality, IT, banking, building, etc.
  • Organizations connecting employers to interns
Long-term Workforce Solutions
  • Opportunities for you or your employees to mentor youth on secondary, post-secondary, and career goals
  • Individualized corporate social responsibility opportunities, including in-school programming, curriculum advising, career exploration days, and philanthropic giving
Subsidized Wages & Tax Incentives
  • Wage reimbursement, wage subsidies, and tax incentives to help you hire local talent
Tech Talent Solutions


  • Organizations connecting employers to job seekers trained in a variety of technology skills including: computer support, coding, sustainability, and engineering

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