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Special Inspections Program

For Engineering Services, Construction Services, Emergency Services,  this procedure establishes the minimum requirements necessary to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare through structural strength, stability, and safety to life and property from fire and other hazards.

Special inspections do not replace inspections performed by the Department of Licenses and Inspections. Rather, they serve as an enhancement to those inspections.

Special Inspections, as required by the Building Code, provide a means of quality assurance in construction and demolition projects. Construction materials must be tested and their installation monitored in order to provide a finished structure that performs in accordance with the construction documents. Trained specialists that provide these inspections give the owner, engineer and the public an indication that the required structural performance will be achieved. The owner or design professional is responsible for hiring the special inspection agency to perform the special inspections identified by the Building Code as appropriate to the construction or demolition project.

The link below describes agency and special inspector qualifications. The links to Statement of Special Inspections and Duties and Responsibility Agreement must be submitted to the Department  of Licenses and Inspections (L & I) with the permit application. The links to Final Compliance and Exhibits A, B, and C are submitted to L & I field inspectors as the project progresses. (Please note that the exhibit documents are example forms and may be replaced with agency documents.)

Special Inspections Publication

Special Inspections Publication (May 2019)

2018 Special Inspection Documents:

Duties and Responsibilities Agreement – Revised May 2019

Statement of Special Inspections – Revised May 2019

Special Inspections Final Compliance Form

2009 Special Inspection Documents:

Duties and Responsibilities Agreement

Statement of Special Inspections

Final Compliance Form


Exhibit A – Daily Report

Exhibit B – Deficiency Report

Exhibit C – Final Report