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Tax Subsidy Self-Reporting

In accordance with Bill #160015, approved by Philadelphia City Council and signed by Mayor Kenney on September 15, 2016, the Department of Commerce has developed the following self- reporting form to collect economic development data from Philadelphia businesses subject to the aforementioned legislation.

This bill requires reporting by businesses that: 1) receive $50,000 or more in financial assistance or subsidy (in the previous calendar year) originating from public dollars through the approval of the City as defined within the legislation with certain terms and conditions, to self-report information about economic outcomes and job creation; or 2) are located in a KOZ and have $2 million or more in gross revenues.

The following is a link to the legislation: Bill #160015. The deadline for reporting is June 30, and the form must be completed online: Tax Subsidy Self-Reporting

The Tax Subsidy Self-Reporting form must be completed online in its entirety. Paper forms/hard copies will not be accepted, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Please reach out to business@phila.gov with any additional questions.

Supporting documents:

Tax Subsidy Example Form

Tax Subsidy Self-Reporting– FAQ