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Towing License

Important Information of Upcoming Renewals

New requirements include the submission of Driver Information and Posting Locations, utilizing below spreadsheets to be uploaded in Excel format.

Driver Identification

Tow Truck Contract Locations

The cost for the renewal of the newly created Tow Company License is $300 and the renewal of each vehicle registration is $100.

Register for an information session to receive more information on changes to the tow license and assistance in completing your electronic renewal.


New License Applications

Towing license applications must be submitted through our online portal, https://eclipse.phila.gov.

A license is required for the tow company and each vehicle must be registered.

Tow Company

The following information is required to make application:

Commercial Activity License www.phila.gov/li  number

Certificate of Insurance demonstrating compliance with the following insurance requirements:

Automobile Insurance (identifying make, model, and VIN number of each vehicle covered)

  • Minimum of $200,000 per injury
  • Minimum of $500,000 per incident
  • Minimum of $50,000 per property damage claim.

Garage Keeper’s Legal Liability Insurance (if storing vehicles)

  • Minimum $100,000

The City of Philadelphia must be listed as Certificate Holder

Driver Information

Pertinent information on each person driving a tow truck must be provided utilizing the Tow Truck Contract Locations spreadsheet which must be uploaded with application in Excel format.

Posted Locations

Tow companies must have a written agreement with the owner or custodian of any property from which vehicles are being towed and must post an information sign in a conspicuous location on each property.

Posted locations must be reported utilizing the Tow Truck Contract Locations spreadsheet which must be uploaded with application in Excel format.

Sample Towing Agreement

Sample Fee Schedule

In addition to the tow company, a separate license is required for each tow truck to register the vehicle.


Tow Company New License: $500

Tow Company Annual Renewal: $300

Tow Truck Registration (New/ Annual Renewal): $100