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Turning on Water Service


Water and sewer service in the city of Philadelphia is operated by Philadelphia Water Department (PWD).  Billing for water use and services is regulated by the Water Revenue Bureau, which is a division of the Philadelphia Revenue Bureau.

Turning on Water Service

If your deed is recorded:

  1. Your account will be updated and you will begin to receive bills in your name.

If your deed is not recorded and it is essential that you receive the bill in your name:

  1. Present your settlement sheet to the Water Revenue Bureau (Bureau).

If there is no meter on the property:

  1. A meter must be installed within 30 days after the settlement date.

If you are a tenant, you may apply for water service in your name by bringing the following documents to a Customer Service location:

  1. Consent from the owner for you to have service in your name
  2. Two (2) pieces of personal I.D., one with a photo
  3. Proof of residency, such as a lease, rent book or canceled check
  4. Utility bills in your name

If you are an occupant (a potential owner of the property or a person who has permission to live in the property without a lease), you may take the following steps to receive water service:

  1. Complete an application at a Customer Service location near you
  2. Present evidence of occupancy or potential ownership Evidence includes:
  3. Death Certificate of Owner
  4. Utility Bills
  5. Lease Purchase Agreements
  6. Letter of Authorization to occupy property
  7. Other legal documentation


Water and Sewer Inquiries  and Emergencies, Water and Sewer Service, Automatic Meter Reading Installations and Inquiries (215) 685-6300
Water and Sewer Billing Inquiries and Billing Assistance (215) 686-6880
Business Customer Representative (215) 685-4926 or 4927
Industrial Waste Unit
For information on pre-treatment, surcharges, sewer rental discounts and other industrial waste questions
(215) 685-4910
For technical and regulatory information on construction projects (215) 685-6339

More information related to water service at commercial facilities see the PWD Business Brochure.


Your monthly bill has two parts.

  1. One is the usage charge, which is based upon the amount of water used and wastewater produced, as measured by the water meter.
  2. The other part is the monthly service charge, based on the size of the water meter. The service charge is the cost of basic service, which includes storm water collection and treatment as well as metering.

Your water bill can be paid on-line through the City’s website