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How to open a Commercial Child Care Business

The City of Philadelphia regulates childcare facilities for zoning, building, health and fire code compliance. If you are planning to operate such a facility, you will need to know what type of child care/use group you intend to apply for in order to fill out the appropriate documentation. Child care...
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Developer Services

The City of Philadelphia’s Development Services Program is a resource available through the Office of Planning and Development to assist developers of major real estate projects in navigating the approval and regulatory process. The Program brings together representatives from the City’s relevant departments and agencies in the form of a Development Services Committee, which meets with developers to provide coordinated feedback on projects.

Immigrant Assistance Services Provider Legal Duties

Legal Duties of a Provider Services Every immigration assistance provider may only perform the following immigration services: Transcribing responses on a government agency form related to immigration matters, but not advising on answers Translations services- This includes translating information and instructions on a form as well as translating documents from...
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Get more information about OSHA 10/30 training

The following programs have been approved by the Department of Licenses and Inspections as equivalent to OSHA 10. The courses have been determined to provide the minimum number of course hours equivalent to OSHA training, address mandatory OSHA topics directly related to job-site hazards, and/or provide a benefit that exceeds...
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Safety Guide for Businesses

The City of Philadelphia Commerce Department Business Crime Prevention Guide has useful advice for keeping your employees and business safe.

How to Be a Good Business Neighbor

When merchants take pride in their community, it shows and creates a more enjoyable shopping experience for visitors coming to the area.

Manufacturing Resources

Technical Assistance & Marketing The Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center Lending PIDC Ben Franklin Technology Partners Advocacy Manufacturing Alliance of Philadelphia

Solar PV System Installation

The installation of a Solar Photovoltaic System requires a building permit in addition to an electrical permit in order to ensure compliance with City code. However; if the installation of the Solar Photovoltaic System can be completed according to the specified guidelines, the Department of Licenses and Inspection will waive...
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What is a Non-Profit?

A nonprofit is an organization that uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission, rather than distributing its surplus income to the organization's directors as profit. When starting a nonprofit, you must first be able to clarify what you intend to accomplish with a mission statement. The mission statement describes the overall purpose of the organization. It addresses the question "Why does the organization exist?"

Registering Your Business Name

If you are doing business with a name that is not your own, for example “Jane’s Gift Shop”, you must register the name with the state. The state of Pennsylvania does not require registration if you are operating the business under your own legal name. So, if you are John...
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Developer Services

The Developer Services Program helps large real estate projects get through the approval and regulatory process more easily by connecting Developers to key City departments through Developer Services Committee Meetings.

Succession Planning

For many business owners, their company is a legacy that they want to continue long after they've exited the business