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Vacant Residential Property/Lot License

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Temporary Vendor on Foot License

This license is required for the taking of orders, and as a separate transaction, making deliveries to purchasers. A license is required for any period from one day to one year.

Temporary Sidewalk Sales License

Required for anyone who exhibits, displays, offers for sale or sells any goods, wares or merchandise from any stand while on the sidewalks of the City of Philadelphia.

Special Permit License

This license is available to Non Profit Organizations for small games of chance that have an award or prize over $500.

Temporary Pushcart Vendor License

Required of those who offer merchandise for sale from a wagon, handcart, pushcart or stand. A license is required for any period from one day to one year.

Temporary Food License

Any person operation a food establishment for a one day OR one event is required to obtain a “Food Establishment, Retail Non-Permanent Location (NPL) Temporary” license. This license is usually related to events such as Super Sunday, carnivals, restaurant festivals, etc.

Scales License

This license is required to maintain a weights and measures device for commercial purposes or use an electronic scanner or similar automated device to ascertain the price of an item presented for checkout.

Tow Company License

This license is required for the transportation of one vehicle by another service vehicle for a service charge.

Warm Air Installer License

A Warm Air Installer license is required of persons who engage in the business of installing or repairing warm air heating apparatus connected with flues or chimneys in any building.

Real Estate or Seller Certificates

This certificate is required to be given to the purchaser of a property to verify the registered use of a property (except a single family dwelling) and to provide a record of any open property violation.